How we use your personal information

The collection of your information is on the basis of upholding national laws and regulations and with the aim of providing you with service and improving that service. In order to achieve this goal, we shall use your information in the following ways: 1) To provide you with the various services of Ant Financial and with customer service and to maintain and improve these services. 2) To compare the accuracy of information and verify it with third parties. For example, comparing the identity information you submit to us with information from an identity verification service to establish your identity. 3) To send you service status notifications, sales activities and other commercial electronic information to ensure that you know how to use the various services of Ant Financial or understand Ant Financial's services. 4) To engage in comprehensive statistical computation, analysis or processing of the identity data, transaction data and other data of Ant Financial users. The processed data may be used, shared or disclosed as required for the purpose of sales, rewards or to expand your social circle.  For example, we might calculate new users who registered for an Alipay account during a certain period of time and provide these users with exclusive promotional activities. 5) To prevent or prohibit illegal activities. 6) Other uses as approved by you.