Statement on third party liability

Please note that your transaction counterparty, the operator of a third-party website that you visit, the provider of a third-party service or third party that you have Ant Financial share personal information with may have their own privacy policy. When you access the website of a third party or use an application developed by a third party, you may find the website or application installs a cookie or beacon as a marker. Similarly, these third parties may install their own cookies or beacons. These cookies and beacons are not subject to our control and their use is not governed by this policy. We will make commercially reasonable efforts to require these entities to take measures to protect your personal information. However, we cannot ensure that these entities will take protective measures in accordance with our requirements and accept no responsibility for any consequence that is a result of the actions of these entities. If you find that the website established or application developed by these third parties to be dangerous, we suggest that you terminate the relevant actions so as to protect your legal rights.