How we share your personal information

We have an obligation to protect the confidentiality of your information. However, under the following circumstances we have the right to share your information with a third party: 1) We have obtained your permission or authorization. 2) We will your relevant information internally within Ant Financial and with third parties including companies under Alibaba Group to provide you with or recommend to you a service or product or to provide you with better service or to allow you to have a wider social experience. For example, after you use Alipay to pay for merchandise purchased on Taobao (, we will send information to Taobao that your payment is successful. 3) Under certain circumstances, we must share your information in order to provide you with a required service and/or product or to handle a transaction dispute between you and another person.  For example, if your transaction partner or you deny engaging in a transaction, we may share your shipping document, proof of receipt or transaction information within the Alipay system with the bank or your transaction partner to prove the authenticity of the transaction and protect your legal rights. 4) In order to determine whether your account or transaction is secure. 5) Some products and/or services are provided by our partners or jointly provided by our partners or suppliers together with us. We will share the information as required by the product and/or service. For example, when you pay the gas, water and electricity bill on the Alipay website, we must share your house number, name and other information with the partnering utility organizations in order to complete the transaction. 6) If we conduct a joint promotional activity with a third party, we may share personal information generated in the course of the activity or information required to complete the activity with the third party. For example, the number of users that participated in the activity, the list of winners, the contact information for winners and more to allow the third party to deliver your prize in a timely manner. 7) To maintain the legal rights of Ant Financial, companies under Alibaba Group and other Ant Financial users. 8) In accordance with the law and reasonable commercial practices, when we plan to merge with another company or be acquired by another company or engage in some other capital market activities (including but not limited to an IPO or bond issuance), or when we must be subject to due diligence by other entities, we will provide your information to the required entity. However, we will sign confidentiality agreements with these entities and take other steps to require that they take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information. 9) To make it easier for you and your friends to engage in more flexible and secure financial transactions and to avoid losses resulting from the manual input of incorrect account login name, when the phone number that is linked to your account is saved in the contacts of another person's phone, your full name, account login name and other information may be queried by your friend with that phone number. This policy refers to an "account-linked mobile number", which means the mobile number used to log in to the account or mobile number linked to an Alipay account. 10) Together with item #9 of this section, the aim is to allow people to find your account login name and your full name via the mobile number linked to your account. 11) When you and another person engage in a financial transaction using an Ant Financial service, the counterparty may during the transaction or after it is completed view some of your account information (including the account login name, the full name or nickname that corresponds to the account, the account headshot and other information, particularly whichever information can be viewed). 12) If you authorize a third party to request or collect relevant account information from a company under Ant Financial, we have the right within the scope of the law and your authorization to share some of your account information with the third party. 13) In order to maintain and improve our services. 14) In accordance with legal requirements or as required by the competent authorities.