Overview and Statement

In order to respect and protect users' privacy, Ant Financial (hereinafter referred to as "we") will collect, use and share your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this policy").  This policy covers the terms of our collection, storage, protection, use and sharing of your personal information. We suggest that you read this policy in its entirety so as to better understand how to protect your right to privacy. For your complete understanding of the content of this policy, we have bolded text within this policy relating to terms that have or may have a material impact on your rights. When you accept a service agreement with a company under Ant Financial, such as the "Alipay Service Agreement", or when you access the website of a company under Ant Financial, such as the Alipay website (www.alipay.com) or other relevant websites or access the mobile platform of a company under the Ant Financial or use any service provided by us, such an action indicates that you have already agreed for us to legally use and protect your personal information in accordance with this policy.


Ant Financial as referred to in this policy includes:1) Zhejiang Ant Financial Services Group Co., Ltd.; 2) Companies directly or indirectly controlled by Zhejiang Ant Financial Services Group Co., Ltd., including but not limited to Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhao Cai Bao Financial Service Information Co., Ltd. and Zhima Credit Management Co., Ltd; 3) An affiliated organization of which Zhejiang Ant Financial Services Group Co., Ltd is a shareholder, formed the business or has a collaborative relationship, including but not limited to Zhejiang MYBank Co., Ltd.                             


 The preceding text includes corporate entities that currently exist or that will be established in the future which meet the above conditions. We will act in accordance with this policy to collect, protect, use and share your personal information. If national laws, rules or regulatory requirements otherwise specify for companies under Ant Financial or you and a company under Ant Financial otherwise specify the terms of the agreement, the alternative provisions shall prevail. 

We collect and use your information in order to comply with national laws and regulations and to provide you with service and to increase the quality of services (including supporting us in the development of new products or the improvement of currently existing functionality so as to provide better service to you and other users). If you provide us with the information set out in this policy, you can use more Ant Financial services; and/or enjoy more convenient customer service; and/or allow us to better protect your account and funds; and/or avoid situations where we cannot contact you in a timely fashion which could lead to potential problems, etc.