How we collect your personal information

When you access the Ant Financial website or  the Ant Financial mobile device client or when you use an Ant Financial service, you voluntarily provide us with some information, which we will collect. 

The scope of information that we will collect includes: 1) We need to identify you in order to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and to provide you with more personalized and convenient services. For example, when you register for an Alipay account or use one of the various services provided by Alipay, you may be required to provide us with some personal information including but not limited to your full name, proof of identity, address, phone number, email address, biometric information or other information and related additional information (such as your province and city, postal code, etc.).   2) If you use an Ant Financial service that must connect with your bank account or the account of another payment tool, you must provide us with the account information for your bank account or the account information of the other payment tool. For example, when you activate the Alipay quick pay service and link your bank card and Alipay account, you must provide us with your bank card information.  3) To make it easy for you to check your transaction status or records, and to comply with laws and regulations, we will save the transaction data generated by your use of Ant Financial services and act in strict compliance with laws and regulations in the safekeeping of that information. 4) We may obtain information from companies under Alibaba Group or commercial partners to supplement our information. For example, we will obtain the name and value of the merchandise you purchase from Taobao (, the same below) so as to provide you with payment services. 5) In order to provide you with better service and prevent risks or confirmed breaches resulting from your use of services related to Ant Financial, you authorize companies under Ant Financial  to check your relevant credit information with Zhima Credit Management Co., Ltd. or another legally established credit bureau. Such information includes, but is not limited to, any credit score, credit report, or any information that can be linked to your physical address, email address or phone number. 6) In order to protect your account, when you access the Ant Financial website or other relevant website or access the Ant Financial mobile device client or use a service provided by Ant Financial, we may record information relevant to your actions including but not limited to your network information, device identifier, hardware model, operation system version, location and log information relevant to the Ant Financial’s services. This information helps us to better identify you. In addition to the information described above, we may collect other information from you as reasonably required to provide services and improve service quality. This includes relevant information you provide when contacting customer service, your responses that you provide upon participation in a survey, relevant information we collect when you interact with a company under Alibaba, information about the mobile applications (apps) and other software you have used and information concerning your use of such mobile applications or software. At the same time, to increase your security while using services provided by Ant Financial and to more accurately defend against phishing websites, message fraud and Trojan horses, we may determine the risk of your account by learning about your habits while accessing the web, the software you generally use, and fraudulent message content, among other methods. We may record some URLs we regard as risky.